Sunsetting one and Sunrising Luumen

Sunsetting one and Sunrising Luumen

Hey folks!

It's been a little minute since my last post, working on Promoso. Great news, I failed! The even better news? I've launched myself into Web3 and in doing so, I met my co-founder for an amazing product. Luumen.

What the heck is Luumen?

Glad you asked! Luumen Finance is a crypto-first budgeting and personal finance platform that lets users take control of their crypto expenses and achieve financial freedom. We're striving to help educate crypto users that their crypto assets are very real and shouldn't be considered "toy money" but a real tangible asset that could benefit them over their lives.

Luumens landing page

Bye Bye Promoso

Promoso was a really cool and fun project to work on. It used Vue and Firebase for the tech stack, with a splash of WASM in there. Very cool stuff. I've decided that after a few months of building the product, talking to potential users, and failing to convert folks to free users even that I had started on the wrong path. Looking back, my customers would have been media people, looking to sell to real estate agents instead of real estate agents themselves. They don't have time for that!

There is a product here, hint hint. Let me know if you want the source code, I'm happy to part ways.

On to better things

Carlos, my co-founder, and I are working pretty aggressively on this thing and we've reached around 150 beta signups, which is a huge deal of support.


If you want to follow the Luumen journey, follow us out on Twitter :)