Promoso Update #3

Promoso Update #3

Bug and UX fixes galore!

As of our last update, we've added customization options into Promoso. Over the last couple of days, we've been full steam ahead working on bug and UX issues in our dashboard experience. Let's take a look at some of the challenges we're facing and some of the ones we've now solved.


Routing Issues

Routing is something that's typically straightforward, however, in some instances, we want to add a few guards to ensure the experience is always in place.

Signing Up - Completed

When a user signs up for Promoso, in order to keep everything tidy and ready to go, we assign them a customer id, a subscriber status, and a number of free videos. Once their account is created and this data has been saved successfully we want to push them into the dashboard.

Creating a Video

Creating a video should result in the user using one of their free videos if they're not subscribed. Once their free videos are gone, they're asked to subscribe to continue using our service and aren't allowed to navigate through the application.


We needed a way to let the user know that it's time to upgrade by creating a modal, which I'm calling the upgrade-gate. This is a simple modal that takes over the entire screen and disallows navigation or any other action until they either have more free videos or an active subscription.

Anything else?

My wife, Aaliyah, is helping me out with marketing and outbound communication. We also just made a snazzy new Instagram for Promoso.

Up next?

We're looking at four things left on the "To Do" list:

  • Film a simple video explaining the product to those unsure
  • Let our users adjust clip duration
  • Updating position of overlay text to equal the position set by the user
  • Quick dashboard update to help the user by showing tutorials

We're getting really close to start inviting more than our beta users in. Hoping for a soft launch on July 5th...