Promoso Update #2

Promoso Update #2

Major Updates

This week at Promoso, we've done a lot. We've added core customization features, such as music, text, and text positioning. We've also started to spruce up pain points in the UX with some testing, for example buttons displaying a loading icon if something is happening in the background.

Overlay Text

We've now successfully added Overlay Text to Promoso. This allows our users to customize their videos and make them personal to each listing they have.


  • Positioning, was a challenge because we need to pass a lot of information around to ensure everything is solved. Adding safety nets was important to ensure that no errors are had even if data is missing.

  • Text Size and Color, currently Size and Color are static. The reason for this is to ensure that our first 100 users have an easy time setting up their accounts and creating promos fast. In the future, we'll add support for fonts, colors, and size.

  • Processing Time, is a large factor. The longer the processing time, the worse the product gets. It's obvious for an engineer that understands what's happening in the background but to our users, busy real estate agents, waiting for 5 minutes is not a great experience. We've been able to keep processing times low by keeping certain resources static and optimized.

A preview of Promoso's Add Text Overlay view


Music has been added to Promoso for about three weeks now. However, I've been experimenting with how a user can select, preview, and use a track on their video. We've now officially nailed it and allow users to choose and use a track.

Up next?

Coming up, we mostly have UX and UI changes to make. These changes should take a few hours to complete, which puts us in gear for marketing... Dreaded marketing.

Spooky skeleton dancing