Promoso Update #1

Promoso Update #1

Promoso, what is it?

Promoso is a Micro-SaaS tool for real estate agents to create promotional videos for their listings. The idea is that they can do it in a matter of minutes rather than hiring or creating a promotional video the traditional way.

On to the update

Starting documentation on Promoso late means that there's a lot already done that I won't dive in too deep there. However, I can share a little bit of what's going on presently.


I'm asking myself first, do we want to complicate the action of creating a video in the first version? No, we don't. However, adding some customization is a must-have due to the fact that these videos may need to display information specific to the user.

1) Text overlays The user is allowed to set a headline and subtext. This is used for purposes such as overlaying the address in the video, the price, the real estate agent's name, etc...

2) Music Videos can have music, either provided by us or their own.

The next item on customization would be letting the user position text to a predefined area, such as top-left, top-right etc...

Preview of promoso and the create promo view

Up next?

We have very few tasks left in order to be alpha-ready. We're currently looking into finalizing some style changes for better UX and ensuring all backend components are functioning properly. We plan to release it sometime in the next week. Stay tuned, things are just starting to get exciting!