Meeting Casey - Indie Hacker

Meeting Casey - Indie Hacker

Hey, I'm Casey - duh!

Who's Casey? A Frontend Engineer and Indie Hacker, who also is a dad and a husband. I'm a college dropout(seriously, I only attended school for one full semester), self-taught engineer. My goals for this blog are to write about creating a micro-SaaS, learning to program, being a dad, and documenting failures with the hopes of inspiring, helping, or entertaining folks who may be in the same boat as I am or used to be.

What I'm up to

Currently, I'm focusing on two things, a full-time role and a side project. Let's take a look at both of these.

Community at Forem

My main gig is with an awesome company, Forem, as a part of their Community Team. I work heavily with developers who are using our open-source platform Forem Open Source Software, more commonly known as FOSS.


My pride and joy. Promoso is a platform for real estate agents to create amazing real estate promotional videos really quickly. I mean in like 30 seconds or less.

I'll go in-depth about Promoso at a later time, but until then it's full steam ahead and we're close to opening the platform up to our alpha testers.

Promoso's Marketing card, containing the logo and a clip from a video

Coming up next, I'll be chatting about Promoso, what it is, and some of the goals I've put in place for myself. Until then, see ya!