Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

A quick recap of what I did this week and what's in store for next week.

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Casey Wilcox
·Jul 3, 2021·

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Hey folks!

Since it's Friday I might as well have a fun post

I guess on Fridays it'd be a fun idea to quickly look at what I've completed and what I plan on doing next week.

What I accomplished


  • Added customizations
  • Bug fixes galore
  • Polished the Dashboard
  • Fixed our community platform, released with the latest version of Forem

Personal Life

  • Took the kiddos to get flavored ice and to the water park
  • Got some fireworks
  • Worked on our Veggie garden and cleared up some of our landscape

What I plan to accomplish next week


  • Soft launch and start getting more users for feedback
  • Design and UX fixes as they roll in

Personal Life

  • Pull out more of our landscaping for desert-style makeover
  • More water park - weather in the high 90's

Fourth of July Weekend

  • Barbeque
  • Fireworks
  • Date night with my wife

I hope everyone had a great week - have a fun and safe weekend!

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